ST2000LM007-1R8174 EB01 Partial Sector Access Data Recovery Steps by DFL Seagate HDD Repair Tool


This is one patient ST2000LM007-1R8174 HDD from one DFL user in Indonesia and its firmware version is EB01.

To recover lost data from these kind of Seagate Rosewood EB01 hard drives, users need to use the new DFL Seagate hdd repair tool with at least software version 3.0 and the latest software is V4.01. If users are still using the old version, please login the Dolphin user-only forum and download the latest software to upgrade.

With the latest DFL Seagate hdd repair tool, users can simply backup the rosewood LM ROM, generate unlock ROM, send unlock key and unlock the SA successfully.

Next the user could backup the important modules or SYS files.

Next the user need to check the V4 and V40 entries and check the ‘Edit ID’ details for correct settings.

Next the user need to confirm and fix the NG list corruption and then clear G-list and smart.

Next the user go to regenerate translator without p-list and finally all the data area was accessible.

If users want to learn more on how to recover lost data from ST2000LM007-1R8174 EB01 rosewood hard drives, please email to