ST1000LM048 HDD Partial Sector Access Data Recovery Steps


This is one successful Seagate ST1000LM048-2E7172 HDD Data Recovery case for one DFL user in India.

When the user got the patient HDD from his client, the HDD was not detected and capacity is 0. The user has already very good basic data recovery skills and he did all necessary backup of all important firmware resources.

Please note: in some cases, the SYS table could not be listed and at this situation, users can scan SYS files to backup or users can edit SYS file to backup.

The user did standard firmware repair including clear g-list, clear smart and then regenerated translator. However at this time, the hdd got partial sector access problem and only 10% around data was accessible.

Next the user tried to write back the original SYS35 and then cleared glist again and then regenerated translator again. However, the user still failed to fix the partial issue.

Next the user applied for remote support by the Dolphin remote data recovery system and Dolphin engineer checked and V4 and V40 and then wrote back the original the original NG-list, after that, checked the V40 again and found the entries remained the same which indicated that the partial issue had been fixed already.

After opening the DFL-DDP data recovery program, all the lost data was sleeping there for the user to wake up easily.

Finally all lost data of this ST1000LM048-2E7172 patient HDD was recovered and the DFL user was so happy and proud.

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