ST1000LM035 DWF MCMT Save Aborted due to Device Fault Data Recovery Steps

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This patient ST1000LM035-1RK172 HDD is from one DFL user from ivory coast in Africa. The patient HDD has suffered firmware corruption and the HDD ID couldn’t be detected and no data was available.

The user had followed all the standard firmware repair and data recovery steps but the error remained the same. Whenever trying to read the HDD, the HDD reports DWF error and the DWF status register was on and in the COM terminal, the following error messages output there:

F3 T>m0,6,3,,,,,22
Max Wr Retries = 08, Max Rd Retries = 32, Max Iterations = FF, Max Certify Rewrite Retries = 14E8
Ev LBA/Soft XferLen Zn Trk Hd Sct Wdg PBA ErrCode

(DOS) File Save Pass Wrst Ct: 0000 SU: FFFFFFFF NT: 00000000 OT: 00000000

(DOS Table) Worst Count: 00000000 At SU: FFFFFFFF NT: 00000000 OT: 00000000

MCMainPOR: Start:

Media Cache Data Base 00747B05D8

MCInitialize: Start: Host VBM Size (Bytes): 00000210 Metadata VBM Size (Bytes): Starting LBA 00747B05D8, Count 01CF8718

ClearMC: Completed, Last LBA 00764A8CF0


MCInitialize: MC Cleared

MCInitialize: MCMTBufferPtr->Header.MCMTHeader.MediaCacheDiscStateFlags = 0000000A

MCInitialize: MCMTBufferPtr->Header.MCMTHeader.MCStateFlagsDisc = 00000001
MCInitialize: MCStateFlags = 00000001
[MCMT] Save aborted due to device fault

MCInitialize: Init complete:

MCMainPOR: MediaCacheDiscStateFlags 00000022 MCStateFlags 00020040
(MC POR Duration): 000001A29E

Zero out MBR and DataStore: Writing LBAs 000074706DB0 to 0000747B05D7
Zero out MBR and DataStore: Pass

User Partition Format Successful – Elapsed Time 0 mins 00 secs
Total capacity 00000F2B50CD PBAs. SMR spares left 22BC2A PBAs [+8.94e-1%], UMP spares left 5CD3C PBAs [+1.49e-1%].

That means translator regeneration doesn’t help at all and the user tried other firmware repair functions and nothing helpful.

Finally the new function added to DFL Seagate firmware repair tool did the work! The user just used one function Edit ID and write by ABA mode. For LM rosewood series, firmware write can be done by SYS mode(ATA indirect) but when the HDD was not detected, this is not possible.

All the lost data had been imaged with DFL DDP data recovery program finally and the ivory coast was so amazing to see the result.

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