This is one real case study of Seagate ST1000LM048-2E7172 for one Dolphin user in Mexico and this patient HDD has LED and Update Mask error reported in the COM terminal.

The following are some of the error messages:

Update Mask – 00000000144CACA0 – 00000008 – 00

Starting LBA of RW Request=0002898F64 Length=0000094E

ProcessRWError -Read- at LBA 0002899595 Sense Code=43110081

Common path start quit now
ProcessRC: 00000000,00000000
SkipLen: 00000000
ReadContinuous: 0289940B,0000031A
NumUDEs: 0000001C,00000187,0000030F
Passed: 00000080,0000013D,000002CA


LED:0x000000BD FAddr:0x0000780F
LED:0x000000BD FAddr:0x0000780F
LED:0x000000BD FAddr:0x0000780F

Within DFL Seagate HDD firmware Repair Tool, users can go to COM terminal. After writing unlock ROM, power off and on, users can find the handshake value, send unlock key and keep pressing ctrl+z at the same time. Users must enter F3 T> before the patient drive entered LED status.

After entering F3 T>, things become easy.
Users can easily backup the important SYS files, clear g, clear smart, write down nglist entries, regenerate translator, clear media cache.

After the firmware corruption is fixed, the user opened DFL-DDP data recovery program and all lost data was perfectly recovered.

Watch the video on how to repair and recover lost data from ST1000LM048-2E7172-LED Update Mask patient HDD.

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This case study is the first case Dolphin engineer fixed for one DFL user from Indonesia after Dolphin Spring Festival in 2022. The com terminal reports LBA read error and also update mask error. Read more

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Serial : WDZTWCP3
Firmware : EB01
Capacity : 3907029168 (1863.02GB)
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DFL Seagate HDD firmware repair tool can easily help users unlock the ST5000LM000 hard drives, access the firmware area and then users can start the firmware diagnosis and firmware repair.

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This is one of success cases done by Dolphin engineer today for an Indonesian user. The HDD ID information can be identified by program, but cannot extract data and not able to access firmware module list. After check the terminal message, our engineer found that is a common issue for Seagate drive, with the already built in function “1009 fix” in our program, it can be solved easily by just one click. Read more

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This is one successful Seagate ST1000LM048-2E7172 HDD Data Recovery case for one DFL user in India.

When the user got the patient HDD from his client, the HDD was not detected and capacity is 0. The user has already very good basic data recovery skills and he did all necessary backup of all important firmware resources.

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This is another successful data recovery case study for one DFL user from Indonesia and the user has recovered the lost data fully.

When the user received this patient ST500LM000 HDD, the hdd didn’t spin up at all when power on.

The spin up failure is usually caused by the SSD failure.

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