ST4000LM024-2AN17V HDD Repair and Data Recovery Steps


This is one of success cases done by DFL engineer today for an Australia user. The HDD ID information can be identified by program, but almost all sectors are inaccessible, and unable to see firmware module list either.

HDD ID Information
Patient drive: ST4000LM024-2AN17V PCB: 100794976REVC
Firmware: 0001 Capacity: 4TB

Reported symptoms
Spinning, no clicking sound, MAC format

Data Recovery steps by DFL-Seagate HDD Repair Tool

1. Back up ROM and unlock HDD
2. Clear media cache and clear G list
3. Back up the key sys file and run translator regeneration.
4. Write back original sys 35 module and run translator regeneration again

The whole drive can be scanned from beginning to the end after above operations.

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