Seagate ST1000LM014 Dead SSHD Data Recovery Steps


This is one dead Seagate ST1000LM014 HDD data recovery case study for one DFL user in Peru.

Please note the patient SSHD in this case study was dead and not spinning at all and the family ID is Kahuna.

Mostly this is caused by the SSD failure or the correct connection between SSD and ROM got lost. To fix this kind of dead failure, we need to create special adaptive ROM to get rid of the SSD affection to the motor spin up or create the virtual connection between the SSD and ROM.

Within the DFL Seagate firmware repair tool, users can easily create this adaptive rom with the original ROM and then write this adaptive ROM and then power off and on to get this ROM valid.

Next users can go to DFL DDP data recovery program and all the lost data was available for image or file extraction.

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