ST1000LM010-9YH146 HDD SIM1009 HDD Repair and Data Recovery


This is one of success cases done by Dolphin engineer today for an Indonesian user. The HDD ID information can be identified by program, but cannot extract data and not able to access firmware module list. After check the terminal message, our engineer found that is a common issue for Seagate drive, with the already built in function “1009 fix” in our program, it can be solved easily by just one click.

HDD ID Information
Patient drive: ST1000LM010-9YH146 PCB: 100609294
Firmware: CC9F Capacity: 1TB

Reported symptoms
Detect, capacity 1 TB, cannot extract data

Data Recovery steps
1. Back up ROM and the necessary firmware resource;
2. Clear G-list;
3. Run Translator Generation;
4. Common issue- select 1009 fix;
5. Refresh status- the firmware is accessible

The whole drive can be scanned smoothly from beginning to the end after above operations.

HDD repair tool used: DFL Seagate HDD repair tool
Data recovery tool used: DFL-DDP data recovery tool.

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