WD My Passport Ultra : Not Detected in Computer Recovery Request from Saudi Arabia

WD My Passport Ultra hdd data recovery case is very common case in all data recovery labs. This new client is from Saudi Arabia and wish to get his patient hdd recovered.


Varghese Mathew here, from Saudi Arabia, may i know any service centre here for data recovery from my wd external hard disk. (sent me the contact details & location map)

recently i made a unknown permission settings in the hard disk, then after i reconnected the hard disk but its working fine……but after next day  its not detecting…….also this is a wd security password locked. “

Usually for this kind of individual data recovery case, Dolphin team don’t recommend our data recovery tools cause’ they are not cost-effective for just one case. Besides in many cases, one tool alone may not be enough and users need to have multiple data recovery tools including imaging tools, firmware repair tools, file extraction tools, head and platter swap tools and even clean room environment.

The most important, users need to have proper knowledge to use the tools and handle different patient hdds properly too.

For this kind of individual data recovery case, Dolphin team usually recommend to the local data recovery centers with Dolphin data recovery tools. The users just let us know the city they live in and we can find someone nearby who may handle the case at affordable cost.

If other users from Saudi Arabia want to recover lost data or want to start a data recovery business, please email to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab