WD1600AVBB-63SYA0 HDD Data Recovery Steps


This is one of success cases done by DFL engineer today for an India user. The data area and firmware are not accessible. After carefully check, our engineer found that the issue is on module 02, and there is bad sector on firmware area as well.

Patient drive: WD1600AVBB-63SYA0 PCB: 2060701494
Firmware: 00.07H00 Capacity: 160GB

Reported symptoms
The HDD spin up, but after detection of model / capacity etc, it goes into error.
The user disabled 02 and run slow fix, but did not work out.

Data Recovery steps
1. With DFL-WD HDD firmware repair tool, ROM operation – Disable module 02
2. Execute – Firmware Restart and then exit current program interface
3. Backup firmware modules, module 02 cannot be read due to bad sectors in the SA;
4. Generate module 02;
5. Shift module 02 to other empty good track;
6. Restart firmware and re-enter the program;
7. Write the generated module 02, after the generated module 02 was written successfully, go ahead with the operation of enable module 02 in ROM operation;
8. Execute – Firmware restart and then exit the current program interface and re-enter the program again
9. After entering DFL-DDP data recovery program, all lost data was recovered.

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