ST4000DM001-1FK17N HDD Partial Sector Access Data Recovery Steps


This is one remote support data recovery case of ST4000DM001-1FK17N patient hdd with partial sector access firmware issue and we have fixed it perfectly with DFL seagate firmware repair tool for a Brazil user today.


Model number: ST4000DM001-1FK17N     Serial number: W4J1P31J    Firmware: CC49  Capacity: 4TB

Heads: 7    Family: Crawfrod (Family ID:79)


  1. Firmware got locked
  2. Once power up the drive, Dither and other errors information keep reporting under COM terminal.
  3. Work very unstable, it takes a long time to get ready.
  4. Partial access
  5. Most data is not allowed for access.

Data Recovery Steps from this patient ST4000DM001-1FK17N HDD

Dolphin Data Lab engineer performed the following steps:

  1. Power on the drive, waiting until the error message under terminal get stopped, then go to F3 T>.
  2. Unlock the drive

(Regarding the detailed steps and tips about the unlock steps, pls refer to our previous case study)
  • After unlock, back up the most important sys modules (including 1B, 28 and 35 module)
  • Check NG list and clear it.
  • Initialize ID
  • Clear G list and regenerate translator.

Scan the drive: the whole drive can be scanned smoothly under DFL Seagate repair program.

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