Seagate HDD LM FW EB01 Data Recovery Steps


Seagate LM hdd data recovery cases are more and more common in all data recovery labs all over the world but recently the coming ST1000LM035 and ST2000LM007 with new FW version-EB01 create problems for data recovery engineers.

For these new LM HDDs with FW version-EB01, the PCB rom read, write and unlock algorithms are different from the previous ST1000LM035, ST2000LM007 with non-Eb01 Fw versions. So when users use the traditional methods and procedures, users fail to unlock and fail to fix the firmware issues of these new EB01 LM hard drives.

Anyway, for users of DFL with the current the software version, users can still fix the latest Eb01 hdds. Users can read the ROM with flash programmer, generate the unlock rom with DFL ST firmware repair program, write the unlock rom with flash programmer and then users can send unlock key to get the EB01 hdds unlocked successfully and then users can backup the important SYS files and then fix the firmware corruptions easily by DFL ST firmware repair programs.

In the coming new software of DFL Seagate firmware repair, it will be very easy for users to unlock these EB01 hdds and get the hdd fixed. Dolphin users will get the new software soon from the user-only forum.

Users can get watch the video of one live case study of data recovery for these EB01 LM hdd here:

Data Recovery from Seagate LM HDD of FW Version-EB01

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