DFL New Software Upgrade-DFL All In One V1.801 is Available

Dolphin Data Lab has released the new software version for all DFL based data recovery tools including DFL-SRP USB3.0 data recovery tools, DFL PCIe-4x data recovery tools and DFL-URE USB hdd recovery tools.

What’s new:
General: PCIe data recovery recharge system optimization, recharge system works more excellently.

DDP V1.801
1, Full optimization and more trusted;
2, HDD temperature monitor added;
3, New WD common hdd busy failure solution;
4, Interface display optimization.

DFL-ST V1.92
1, ST500LM030, ST1000LM035, ST2000LM007, ST2000LM015 and more LM support are available for unlock, modules/sys files read/edit and write;
2, Seagate LOMBARD and Megalodon families’ partial lock fix has been available;
3, Preamp Type display auto is available even when the hdd is physically head damaged and busy, this makes F3 donor searching easier;
4, After fixing hdd, users are able to easily update the fixed status with the new Status Refresh function;
5, New LM DWF error common repair fix is available;
6, Sys files new read and write mode-SYS mode is available for LM hard drives;
7, Adaptive ROM generation and write optimization;
8, LM hdd dead PCB support by shorting method;
9, LM baud rate adjustment available in boot mode;
10, Full program optimization and program works more and more stably.

DFL-WD V2.77
1, New WD busy hdd common repair fix is available;
2, Boot head set optimization;
3, Head map editing ram optimization;
4, Support to some new hdd module directory is available and the WD program is able to search and read module directory automatically and list firmware modules automatically. If firmware modules are not available after standard methods, users can consider non-original PCB or ROM or ROM partially damaged;
5, Module read/write Decimal display change.

DFL-HT V1.373
1, Program optimization and work more stably.

DFL-SS V1.334
1, Program optimization and work more stably.

DFL-FT V1.360

1, Program optimization and work more stably;
2, More Toshiba families are added to support;
3, Optimize the methods to cut zones and cut heads;
4, Pata hdd password removal optimization;
5, Optimize G-list to P-list;
6, Optimize the ways to read/write modules by both ATA and COM modes.

Download this new data recovery software upgrade here-DFL-All in one V1.801 for free.

Dolphin team are going to release more new data recovery solutions and new data recovery tools in the near future. Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab