ProcessRWError-Write-at LBA 00000000012DAB47 Sense Code=C3160081[000000000753AD21]

This is one Seagate ST500DM002 data recovery case study, the engineer cannot enter F3 T> terminal and cannot input any commands with the following error messages.

Rst 0x40M

MC Internal LPC Process

Spin Up

(P) SATA Reset



MCMainPOR: Start:

Check MCMT Version: Current

MCMainPOR: Non-Init Case

Reconstruction: MCMT Reconstruction Start

Max number of MC segments 0A61

Nonvolatile MCMT sequence number 00423D54

[RSRS] 0981

Reconstruction: Completed 1:


MCMainPOR: MCTStateFlags 0000002A MCStateFlags 00000041

MCMainPOR: Feature Enabled…

RAW ON After Spinup for counter=0x00002000, BlkAddr=0x000000000008758C


Starting LBA of RW Request=00000000012DAB47 Length=00000001

ProcessRWError -Write- at LBA 00000000012DAB47
Sense Code=C3160081[000000000753AD21]vvvvvvvvvv
keep coming above messages..

Users just need to short connect the PCB and then enter DFL Seagate firmware repair problem, just go to Initialize by ID (COM) menu, simply click it and untick the options there and power off and on, the hdd was fully fixed and all data was recovered.