DFL User from Austria Started from ST2000DM001

Hi and Hello

My Seagate ST2000DM001 was stopping to spin up when power was connected, so I was troubleshooting the problem and realized that maybe the PCB board has an defective, so I ordered a new PCB, after I got it I installed the new PCB the HDD was spin up again which was a very good sign but it showed a 4TB drive instead of an 2TB drive, I have read that I have to exchange the BIOS chip also, so I did that and know the hard disk does not spin up again but it is realized as brand new model from within the disk manager in Windows 10, do you think that I can repair the DISK/Firmware with your tools, maybe the firmware has to be fixed/adapted for the new PCB ?

Regards and thanks in forward

The above ST2000DM001 HDD wrong capacity display is usually caused by firmware corruption. The only issue the user needed to pay attention was the ROM chip swap which might cause some damage to the ROM.

The HDD from above user can be easily fixed by DFL Seagate HDD firmware repair tool.