Dolphin CCTV DVR Recovery Pro. Version 2.19 New Software Upgrade


Dolphin Data Lab offers very quick software upgrade for its Dolphin CCTV DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version, trial version and the latest software is now Version 2.19 and it is available in the Dolphin user-only forum.

In this new CCTV DVR data recovery software, users can find the following new features:

1, Enhance the video analysis and video play capability when the video frame structure is corrupted. For this kind of situation, other similar DVR recovery tools may not handle this situation properly and therefore, the video may not be played or the software may crash there;

2, Enhance the video analysis and extraction speed when the single video frame is very small sized. Some CCTV DVR systems or car drive recorders have very small video frames and the video extraction speed can be very slow and this is why Dolphin team enhance the capability on this one for users’ better efficiency;

3, Some other improvement on the software which is not seen by users but important to the software to work more smoothly with higher success rate.

Dolphin team are upgrading the DVR recovery tools very quickly and if users need to support some new CCTV DVR systems which are not supported, please email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: