Dolphin Data Recovery Training Course for Clients from Brazil

More and more Dolphin users from different countries of the world and recently Dolphin team have received users from American continent to join the Dolphin advanced data recovery training courses.

In the past month, Dolphin users from Brazil have attended the customized advanced data recovery training courses. According to users’ feedback, users success rate of data recovery increased from 80% to 95% after the training courses, specially in some complicated cases of scratched recovery, firmware corruption, repair and recovery, some tricks for imaging and SSD recovery.

The data recovery training course layout is available here and this course will also apply to the training contents in 2019.

The Dolphin users have used DFL data recovery tools for some time and they have also other data recovery tools and even attended training course from other suppliers. However, these users feel they still lack enough experience and knowledge to fix some new hard drives and new data recovery problems.

For this kind of users, it’s very cost-effective for them to spend just one week and small amount of money for training course and then they can fix many more cases than others who don’t have the training courses.

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