Dolphin File Sharing Platform Specially for Dolphin Users

Dolphin Data Lab sets up this special file sharing platform to share all helpful data recovery resources to Dolphin users for their data recovery success.

Dolphin File Sharing Platform contains two sections: Public data recovery resources and resources for Dolphin users only, for Dolphin users, users will get: Data Recovery Resources Shared By Users,Dolphin Case Studies,Dolphin Official User Manuals,Dolphin Setup Programs and Drivers,HDD Donor Firmware Resources,HDD Refurbishing Resources,Head and Platter Swap Resources.

By this file sharing platform, Dolphin users can easily access to all the data recovery resources and can download them easily in the first time they need it. For example, when users got news on Dolphin software upgrade, users can immediately visit the link and input the dolphin user password and then find the latest software setup program and download it, install it and use the new functions.

Dolphin file sharing platform will be more and more helpful when more data recovery resources are uploaded, Dolphin team are uploading new data recovery resources each day. Users can keep an eye on this platform.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: