Dolphin Has Went Further In Data Recovery Market In South Africa

Dolphin Data Lab has had many happy users in South Africa, including Dolphin users in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, etc. Until so far, Dolphin Data Lab hasn’t set up one local sales and support center in South Africa due to the long distance between South Africa and China. Dolphin team sells and ships directly to South Africa by DHL express, it takes 4 working days around for users to get Dolphin tools.

We have been discussing with several major data recovery companies in South Africa and now we get one Dolphin user from South Africa who visited us in late November and discussed further about the cooperation of reselling Dolphin data recovery tools, offering advanced data recovery training courses to local users and offer local technique support too.

Dolphin offers great support to those who are seriously interested in data recovery, love Dolphin DFL data recovery tools and support Dolphin team. Dolphin team shares more advanced data recovery technologies, training documents, forward local users asking for tools and asking for recovery services and even offer local marketing support too. All Dolphin data recovery partners can grow very fast in their data recovery business.

This user from South Africa has taken back Dolphin latest data recovery equipment-DFL PCIe-4x and Dolphin new head and platter swap tools and start using them. Dolphin team will update soon about the further cooperation on the local sales and support center in South Africa.

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