New Free Software Upgrade And FW Upgrade For DFL Tools In December 2015

As Christmas is drawing very near, Dolphin team are working very hard to release the new software and firmware upgrade for Dolphin DFL data recovery tools to make them run more smoothly at perfect performance.

As for data recovery, users get the following new features:

1, Selective head image new feature:

When the hard drive have weak or single damaged head but still available for head map or when the users swap heads and the heads become unstable to read, this function is super helpful to avoid platter scratches or further damages to heads. When head read failure, users can use the following options:

Skip only remained sectors of current head section;
Skip remained sectors of current head section, and cancel current head;
Skip remained sectors of current head section, cancel current head image when reaching max times of skip;
File extraction capabilities are further strengthened;
Original time of files are fixed;
File list feature is optimized.

2, More hard drive repair solutions are added:
One click to fix Seagate SIM 1002;
CC49 Adaptive ROM Generation for FW downgrade, used to fix Seagate SA locked drives;
F3 ROM Edit;
F3 ROM checksum manually(this one is very helpful especially for advanced users, if you know some tricks, you can edit the ROM and then check it manually with correct checksum value, this way, the drive works);
F3 ROM head map edit;
F3 track repair to fix many busy drives;

3, Users get our Raid and fragment recovery utilities as gifts with case studies submitted;

4, FW upgrade for the DFL data recovery hardware has already been uploaded to forum for users to download for more perfect performance of the tools.

Dolphin team are working hard all the time to make all Dolphin users more successful.

Users can access to our user-only forum and download this powerful upgrade or email to to ask for testing.