Dolphin National Day Holiday 2017


For all clients worldwide, Dolphin Data Lab will enter the biggest holiday during October 1-8 for clebrating the National Day holiday 2017 and also the Moon Festival here!
When you need some data recovery tools, firmware repair tools or head and platter swap tools urgently, please order these tools as soon as possible before the holiday starts!

After the holiday starts, almost all companies or organizations will close their offices including shipping companies and therefore, we cannot ship the items during October 1-8, 2017.

During the holidays, Dolphin team will arrange some staff to check forum and emails and answer them regularly and remote technique support is not available during the holiday!

Before the holiday, all work is running properly and we are shipping all ordered data recovery tools in the first time after confirming the shipping and contact details.

One more good news is that Dolphin team will release one big software upgrade and will post news on the upgrade soon.