Dubai Vistors To Dolphin Head Office For HDD Refurbishing Business

In the past week, Dolphin head office has received visitors from Dubai and the visitors are from one big Dubai IT company who are running international trade business of computer related and some other digital products. The director and his assitant come together to watch the live demo of Dolphin data recovery solutions and hdd refurbishing solutions.

As one key business element, hard drive trade business is the main business journey purpose for the Dubai clients to discuss. The Dubai client imports a large quantity of over 25000 hard drives from USA and then sells to the world including China market from Dubai, his business center.

Some of these drives bought are not in perfect health with bad sectors, password, smart failures or other kind of failures. To sell these drives out or minimize the HDD return rate, the Dubai client needs to repair these drives, repair the bad sectors, reset the smart, remove the password or fix the firmware failures. The most important, to fix a large quantity of patient hard drives at the same time is the key interest due to the large quantity of drives the client has.

During the live demo, Dolphin engineers have explained carefully both on the latest data recovery technologies and hdd refurbishing technologies, including the difference between them, how to use Dolphin data recovery tools for both purpose and then focus on hdd refurbishing steps and solutions to fix multiple hdds.

The Dubai clients have bought the Dolphin hdd refurbishing solutions to try first after the demo, and at the same time, Dolphin engineers were invited to Dubai to set up one complete big hdd refurbishing lab to strengthen their hdd refurbishing capabilities and enlarge further their hard drive refurbishing business.

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