Free USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Worldwide

Dolphin Data Lab helps our users from all possible elements: offer better and better data recovery tools, offer better and better support and services and offer more competitive prices.

In order to thank data recovery engineers worldwide who are using Dolphin Data Lab data recovery tools, the Dolphin headquarter has decided to offer free USB drive data recovery services to maximize their data recovery efficiency and success rate.

Besides USB drives data recovery cases, users can send us physical data recovery cases and firmware damaged cases they cannot handle too.

Time For Free Data Recovery Services?

Before January 1st, 2014! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance to all Dolphin Users!

Who are able to get these free data recovery services?

Only if you have any of the following data recovery tools from Dolphin Data Lab: DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment, DFL-DE USB2.0 data recovery tool, DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool, DFL-STII hdd repair tool, Head and Platter Swap Pro. Standard or Advanced, etc. Users from all countries with any of the above tool can contact us to get the services for free.

How many cases you can ship to Dolphin Data Lab for free data recovery services?

Each user can ship two recovery cases (damaged hard drives), please note: we don’t refurbishing hdd and don’t receive hdd refurnishing cases as well. For these two cases, we recover lost data from them for users for free and ship them back to users;

What Kind of Cases users may consider shipping to us?

  1. USB hard drives with a lot of bad sectors;
  2. USB hard drives especially USB3.0 drives with default encryption;
  3. USB hard drives with Smartware password but the password is known;
  4. WD USB hard drives with firmware corruption;
  5. Toshiba USB hard drives with firmware corruption;
  6. Samsung USB hard drives with firmware corruption.
  7. Besides, if users want to send to us physical head damaged cases, this is ok too. Users may not be successful in the head swap cases, users may not have clean room environment, users may not have proper head swap tools or great skills in swapping heads and then users can send to us the cases.

Users need to understand the ‘Free’ correctly?

Dolphin Data Lab offers free diagnosing on the patient drives,  free data recovery on the patient drives but don’t bear any shipping cost and donor cost. Users need to pay for the donors if needed, pay for the shipping and pay for the good drives to contain the recovered data.

Dolphin Data Lab recovers the lost data 100% from damaged USB hard drives or physically damaged hard drives?

We are sorry but we cannot guarantee the data will be recovered, if the data is overwritten, the platter is scratched severely, if the key data modules are lost without backup, the data is not possible to be recovered. So if you have cases like above, please don’t send the cases to us. We don’t want you to waste the time and money.

Any more question is welcome to