Time-limited Free Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Dolphin Data Lab is offering time-limited free hard drive data recovery services to its users and at the same time we wish to communicate more with all our users on different cases received by our users.

Dates: Feb 14-May 14, 2014
Media type: Hard Drives of any brands
File system required: HFS, HFS+, HFX, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4

If you are one of the Dolphin users of any of the Dolphin data recovery tools including DFL-DDP usb3.0 data recovery equipment, DFL-DE USB2.0 data recovery tool, DFL-WDII, DFL-STII, DFL-FRP, DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery equipment or even our head and platter swap tools.

On one side, we wish we can help all our users, especially those who are new to data recovery field but  have selected Dolphin Data Lab to go with. We will record the process of recovering the data by videos and send the data back together with the videos.

On the other side, we will get more and more cases to be recovered by our tools, during the process, we will detect all possible weak points and possibilities to make all tools work perfectly and then upgrade all tools to the right points of customers’ needs and therefore we sincerely wish Dolphin users can support us on this side.

Our address and contact details for users  to send the hard drive cases to us:

Address: C-477, Meinian Square, 1388, Middle Section, Tianfu Avenue, Hi-tech zone, Chengdu 610041 , Sichuan, China
Post code: 610041
Phone: 0086-28-64737668 61960428
Contact : Mr. Ma

Any more question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com.