Look Into The Future Of Data Recovery Field

Recently many people are asking Dolphin engineers about the future of data recovery and therefore we are talking about this one today.

The future of data recovery is one very very important topic for those starting one data recovery sector or grow their data recovery capabilities.  To have one clear idea of the future of data recovery, it’s necessary to learn about the future of different storage medias, the future of different data recovery tools and the future of data recovery market/final users.The Future Of Different Storage Medias

Within three years, hard drive data recovery is still the main data recovery case and the main data recovery cases within hard drives are Seagate, WD and Toshiba hard drive data recovery cases. Hard drive data recovery case takes over 70% and in some countries are even higher percentage of all cases in the data recovery labs, these drives contain desktop external and internal drives, laptop hard drives and they contain SATA, IDE, USB, SAS/SCSI hard drives and these drives have mechanical physical moving parts such as heads, platters, motors, etc. If the data is lost in hard drives, it’s very possible that data can be recovered and people don’t have too many risks of losing the data permanently and causing some severe negative results.

The other kind of data recovery cases including flash drive recovery cases including SSD data recovery cases are increasing but limited. This kind of drives store data in chips instead of platters and therefore, users need to read lost data from chips, it’s easy for logical problems and users can extract data directly without soldering the data off the flash drives, but for controller damage or more complex failures, users need to solder the chips off the drives, image them, analyze the data structure, find out the correct algorithm of data combination and combine the data, it can be very time-consuming and for difficult cases for example, chip data encryption issue, multiple SSD chips’ failure, the success rate is still limited and far lower than hard drive data recovery and this is one of the important reasons the hard drive is still the main storage media. Besides, the price of flash drives especially SSD are still very high and the capacity is limited.

Optical drive data recovery is another, but not many and most cases of this kind can be fixed by software.

The Future Of Different Data Recovery Tools

In data recovery market, there can be more and more data recovery tools, both software and hardware tools, however only very limited data recovery tools suppliers are really serious and master real data recovery technologies and care about their users. That’s to say within data recovery market, there will be more and more fake data recovery tools, pirated data recovery tools and those who sell these tools make quick money from some “deaf-and-dumb” users and these users  were attracted by low prices and fake advertisements but they lose the investment without support, keep losing money by hidden cost from the suppliers, and worse still, these users lose trust from their end clients failing to recover clients’ data and even destroy some cases which should have been recoverable.

Some fake data recovery tools suppliers are just simply copying website design, forum design and copying functions of top-class data recovery tools suppliers, and then they pretend to be professional and sell these pirated tools. One thing users need to be remember everything has its cost, if the cost is too low than normal and than the industry price, there must be something wrong on some where.

The major types of data recovery tools are USB data recovery tools and PCIe data recovery tools and then simple data recovery software and some offline data recovery machines. Due to the diversities of clients’ needs, the design of these tools need to be more flexible and more customizable for minimizing the cost of final users and maximizing the profit of clients.

The Future Of Data Recovery Market

The competition is faster and stronger. If people buy pirated and fake data recovery tools at low prices, if people support pirated tools, these people fail and then sell these tools again to new users who never know the true face of the cheating data recovery tools suppliers. If more people support pirated tools, the competition is faster and stronger and one day, you find your neighbor shops do data recovery business too.

Actually, many data recovery engineers are already telling us they face more competition now and then that’s why they come to Dolphin Data Lab for more competitive data recovery solutions to keep them stand out of others.

To become more competitive, users need to wisely select one different data recovery tools supplier and find:

More data recovery functions and solutions to fix more cases;
Better efficiency to fix more cases;
More technique support to fix newer cases and more difficult cases;
More resources including firmware resources, technique documents, special tips to fix newer cases and complicated cases.

The future of data recovery market is owned by those who have more advantages like above.

Please note: above are personal opinions only from Dolphin Data Lab for clients’ reference, not standing for all people or not meaning the future will really develop like what we said.