Free WD Hard Drive Firmware Repair Program

This is a great bonus for all those who are using DFL WD hard drive repair programs, especially those who have bought DFL WD Auto Repair tool.

For all Dolphin users who have bought the DFL WD Auto repair tool, you can now get the DFL-WD hdd repair manual repair version for free. For free means Dolphin team can add the WD hdd repair manual version online to users’ existing WD Auto repair hardware without any cost.

Thanks to DFL users’ great support, DFL has been growing bigger and stronger. Now it is the time for DFL team to reciprocate our love to our dear users. For all those who have bought DFL-FRP for WD, DFL-SRP for WD or DFL PCIe for WD, only if you have the DFL WD hdd repair equipment (Manual version) from Dolphin Data Lab, users can get the WD Auto repair program at half price. Half price means Dolphin team can add the WD hdd auto repair program(including WD hdd repair firmware resources) to users existing DFL WD hardware at half price.

What kind of benefits can WD HDD auto servo users gain after this great and free add?
1, Get all WD hdd repair function in a manual and independent way, users can find and use all functions in separated items;
2, Can customize WD hdd repair solution by combining different functions for different hdd;
3, Sometimes the users just need one or two small function to fix the damaged hdd, so the users don’t need to use the Auto repair tool and users can save a lot of time.

What kind of benefits can WD firmware repair tool(Manual version) users gain?
1, Get complete set of DFL customized hdd auto repair firmware resources and users don’t need to search for firmware to refurbish the hdd. The auto repair program will auto detect the proper firmware and write to the damaged hdd and then repair the hdd automatically.
2. The auto repair tool is specially helpful when the hard drive has many bad sectors or when users don’t have much knowledge to use different functions within the manual version, users just need to have simple clicks to start the repair automatically;
3, When users are recovering some difficult WD cases, if users cannot get the HDD IDed, users can backup the original HDD ROM and firmware modules and then use WD auto repair program to get the hdd repaired and IDed and then write the original key data recovery modules to get the original hdd recovered.

Helping users improve working efficiency, enhance success rate and always stay competitive is our ultimate goal, we have been sticking to it and will keep it up.