G3(Generation 3) WD SMR HDD 800067 USB-SATA Data Recovery Adapter Pro. is created to make WD SMR USB HDD data recovery easier and more successful. After using this 800067 G3 adapter, users can easily work on the 800067 USB hdd by SATA interface without the SED headache.

G3 WD SMR HDD 800067 USB-SATA Data Recovery Adapter Pro. contains the following items:

01: 800067 USB to SATA connector;
02: USB Type-C Cable;
03: Software to read/write 800067 USB HDD rom and adjust SATA data signals.

Wow Features of G3 WD SMR HDD 800067 USB-SATA Data Recovery Adapter Pro.

01: Super easy to install this G3 SATA adapter to the 800067 USB PCB;
02: Independent simple software to read rom, write rom directly without using flash programmer;
03: Buffer chip used and users can use the given simple software to adjust the SATA data signals to make firmware operations, disk image and file extraction faster and make data transfer more stable, this makes it possible to bypass the capacitors removal;
04: Power stabilizator is used;
05: ESD protection is adopted.

Steps to use G3 WD SMR HDD 800067 USB-SATA Data Recovery Adapter Pro.

01: Install 800067 G3 SATA adapter;
02: Read original 800067 ROM with G3 adapter software;
03: Generate unlock rom by DFL-WD firmware repair tool;
04: Write unlock rom with G3 adapter software;
05: Disable 411 and backup firmware modules, specially module 190;
06: Test firmware modules and repair corrupted firmware modules;
07: Image patient drive or extract lost data directly.

Users can order this Super Version of WD SMR 800067 USB-SATA HDD Data Recovery Adapter here.

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Dolphin Data Lab has released the latest WD SMR HDD Module 190 Auto Repair Solution within the DFL-DDP data recovery tool.

According to the feedback of Dolphin users and data recovery engineers worldwide, Western Digital hard drive data recovery cases are mostly associated with the dynamic secondary translator-module 190.

Module 190 corruption can be caused by unstable faulty hard drive status: many bad sectors, weak heads, wrong operations by users, etc.

Whenever users get one WD SMR HDD data recovery case, users need to diagnose the patient hdd correctly to find out if it is firmware issue or physical issue, if physical issue, users need to swap heads first or take other measures to fix the physical issue and then users need to manage to remove the MCU lock.

After removing the MCU lock, users need to follow Dolphin special WD SMR hdd recovery instructions to backup the module 190 (even if the module 190 has many read errors, users need to be patient with module reading) and sometimes, users can select to read valid data only from the module 190 and this can avoid many read errors but this may cause some data loss sometimes.

After the module 190 backup, users need to diagnose the module 190 and try to repair the module 190 corruption. Dolphin Data Lab has released one auto repair solution for the corrupted module 190. Users can check the video demo here to find out how the module 190 auto repair works:

Above new WD SMR hdd firmware repair solution helps users a lot to enhance the efficiency and success rate. Users can download it from the Dolphin user-only forum.

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To recover lost data from Western Digital hard drives is not one easy data recovery case, cause’ in many situations, both the ROM and firmware modules cannot be read at all.

The following is one remote support case study for one Dolphin user in Iran. Read more

This is a great bonus for all those who are using DFL WD hard drive repair programs, especially those who have bought DFL WD Auto Repair tool.

For all Dolphin users who have bought the DFL WD Auto repair tool, you can now get the DFL-WD hdd repair manual repair version for free. For free means Dolphin team can add the WD hdd repair manual version online to users’ existing WD Auto repair hardware without any cost. Read more