Gloway STK512GS3 SSD Data Recovery Case


Dolphin Data Lab has successfully completed one SSD data recovery case for one China local user by DFL-DDP data recovery tool. The SSD ID: Gloway STK512G S3-S7

When the user connect his SSD to pc by the SATA converter, the computer asked the user to format the SSD to continue and no data is available. Dolphin engineer try to extract the data directly and the ID is not detected as below:

Dolphin data recovery engineer connected one target drive and then tried to image the SSD to the target drive:

Amazingly, the imaging goes smoothly and this is sector by sector image and the imaging speed for this SSD has exceeded 150MB/s and within less than one hour, the imaging completes.

Connecting the target drive to DFL-SRP data recovery hardware, all the partitions and folders and files are perfectly listed there and this is one 100% data recovery case study and the user was very happy.