Best Greetings From CEO Dolphin Data Lab To All Dolphin Users

Hello to all Dolphin users,

2015 is coming to its end, Dolphin team feel pround to get support from so many users worldwide, thank you very much for all Dolphin users’ efforts and cooperation in working together with Dolphin data recovery tools, we wish all the best for all Dolphin users, your friends and your family members.

2016 is coming to its start, Dolphin team feel confident because we never stop working hard to create new functions and solutions for our users and release frequent upgrade to our users. Within 2016, all Dolphin users will get many surprising upgrades and new technique documents to fix more new and complicated cases.

Within 2016, Dolphin team will offer more new to all Dolphin users, the following are some new examples:

01: Make all existing functions work smoothly;
02: Add more new hdds for selective head image support;
03: Keep testing and finding out those new hdds which are not supported and add them to support;
04: Add more hdd brands for virtual head change-head map editing in RAM;
05: Further strengthen the ability to recover lost data from drives with many bad sectors;
06: Manage to recover lost data from new WD 18xx and 19xx hard drives when the original ROM is missing;
07: WD dead HDD ROM writing;
08: Seagate F3 cut zones more successful;
09: Seagate F3 cut heads more successful;
10: Fix more Seagate F3 SA locked hard drives;
11: Fix some scratched drives with new solutions;
12: More Toshiba/Fujitsu data recovery and refurbishing features;
13: More Samsung data recovery and refurbishing features;
14: More Hitachi/IBM data recovery and refurbishing features;
15: More new head and platter swap tools;
16: Driver signing fixing and more windows operating systems are supported;
17: More raid solutions for more raid types;
18: More fragment file types supported within our fragment recovery utilities;
19: More new features Dolphin users submit to us;
20: More new support options and training options to Dolphin users.

For a higher success rate of hdd repair and data recovery, cheers!

Again, merry Christmas and happy new Year to All!
Stanley Morgan