New DFL Data Extraction Program V1.63 January 2016

At this new Year of 2016, Dolphin Data Lab is releasing more new data recovery programs and solutions to all Dolphin users for their better success rate.

DDP New Version: V1.63
Releasing Date: Jan.3, 2016

New Changes and new upgrade features:

1, RAID rebuilt was added to support RAID 0 and RAID 5, existing Dolphin users need to submit case study to get the RAID add on for free or any new purchases of DFL-SRP USB3.0 or DFL-PCIe will get the RAID add on and fragment recovery addon directly;

2, Setting RAID Parameters by File Tree;
3, Adding hdds with same model to Raid list is added;
4, Display key info when acquiring partition info, eg., FAT32 DBR parameters, etc;
5, EXT 3/4 partition type recognition;
6, HFS/HFS+/HFSX partition type recognition;
7, To open working dir is added;
8, To Acquire the VMFS storage names is added;
9, Add ROOT node to EXTx/HFS/VMFS for RAW recovery;
10, Longer file path is supported;
11, To acquire EXTx/HFS/VMFS volume is added when scanning lost partitions;
12, Capacity display is added at the partition node;
13, To mark data-only sectors is improved, to reserve the bitmap head map info;
14, Advanced selective head image settings are based and uers can skip heads on settings;
15, Fixed the bug when the target disk is full;
16, Added the partition cylinder Agraph;
17, Improve the file image speed;
18, To skip empty partition table for GPT partitions is added;
19, To keep the original dates of the files is added, all files will be recovered with the original dates and time;
20, Optimize the interfaces and make them more friendly;
21, During file image, the file list has been modified, the file list will be automatically loaded when loading the previous the task.

Dolphin Data Lab will offer many more new data recovery solutions and features in the coming upgrades in 2016, any question is welcome to or add our official skype: