How To Recover USB Flash Drives With Many Bad Sectors

Many data recovery engineers worldwide are using DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery equipment to recover lost data from USB hard drives. However, few of them are aware of one fact DFL-URE USB3.0 can be used to recover data from USB flash drives too.For all users of DFL-URE USB3.0, this is indeed good news that people can connect two USB hard drives or connect two USB flash drives to run disk image or direct file extraction.

This case study below demonstrated how to use DFL-URE to recover one USB flash drive with many bad sectors.

USB flash drive brand: Toshiba
Capacity: 8GB

When connecting the USB flash drive to the PC, the PC system asks the users to format the flash drive, otherwise, couldn’t continue at all.
The flash drive owner said he had tried to use different data recovery software to recover lost data but all failed.

At this time, the user is lucky enough to connect the USB flash drive to DFL-URE and the Toshiba USB flash drive was well detected.

The user set up one imaging task and the image went smoothly and all data was back.