DFL-URE Becomes The World’s First Advanced USB HDD Recovery Equipment

Dolphin Data Lab has worked out one professional and innovative USB hard drive data recovery equipment-DFL-URE (DFL-USB3.0 Recovery Express). Not only USB hard drives, but other USB devices such as SD card, CF card, etc can be connected to DFL-URE with USB card reader to get the data off.

We have talked with the traditional USB hard drive data recovery review in an previous article and now DFL-URE is one direct, innovative and high-speed solution to the damaged USB hard drives.

DFL-URE supports both 2.5″ and 3.5″ USB hard drives of all brands-Western Digital(My passport, my book), Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, etc on disk image and file recovery. It offers also firmware handling to the Western digital drives in the first version and in the upgrade, direct firmware handling on Samsung, Toshiba, Seagate, etc will be gradually added.

DFL-URE is one must-have professional data recovery equipment for all serious data recovery businesses especially who have many cases to handle each month. The following outlines the benefits users can gain from using DFL-URE:

  • Users save much time in converting USB interface to SATA interface any more which is not always working and time consuming, DFL-URE connects two USB drives with two USB3.0 interfaces and recovers the data at high-speed;
  • Users save much time searching compatible SATA PCB to swap with the USB PCB, and solder U12, U14 off and on, etc;
  • Users don’t need to image the USB hdd first and then decrypt the image which is not always successful, users can now extract data directly with DFL-URE from the USB drives;
  • For USB hard drive, sometimes, due to incomplete image, the image cannot be decrypted at all. Now DFL-URE can image the wanted files only and the incomplete image problem is not problem then;
  • Sometimes, when users know the password of Smartware but still cannot unlock the drive, now with DFL-URE, users can enter the password and unlock the SmartWare locking status and extract the data directly;
  • If the USB hard drives have a lot of bad sectors or unstable and sometimes clicking, only if it can be detected, DFL-URE is able to image the data or extract the data directly.


When you get DFL-URE, you can immediately enhance your competitive power and defeat those who don’t have, you will have higher efficiency and higher success rate and higher customer happiness rate. What are you waiting for? Come to email us by sales@dolphindatalab.com. The first 100 customers will get great prices with gifts!