USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Review


USB hard drive data recovery cases are often taking more time to complete, especially USB3.0 hard drives which have their data encrypted by its interface(SATA-USB) firmware chip.

So far in the data recovery market, not one professional data recovery equipment is able to connect the damaged USB hard drives directly except using some kind of adapters. However, these adapters are usually simply designed and cannot at all properly control the operations and issue commands to repair and recover data from the USB hard drives.

What are the common failures of USB hard drives?

1, Common slow initialization problem;
2, PCB failure;
3, Bad sectors;
4. Default encryption;
5, Smartware password data protection problem;
6, Other firmware failures.

What are the common USB hard drive brands?

1, WD USB hard drives, my book, my passport, USB2.0 and USB3.0 drives;
2, Samsung USB hard drives;
3, Toshiba USB hard drives;
4, Seagate USB hard drives.

What are the common solutions to damaged USB hard drives?

1, Users need to have good soldering skills to convert the USB interface to SATA interface and connect to common data recovery tools available in the market;

2, Users need to have good PCB board knowledge and experience to find one compatible SATA PCB  to replace the USB PCB;

3, Users need to find some adapters to connect the USB hard drives but this is quite limited to handle some very sick drives.

Dolphin Data Lab will in this month(December, 2013) release the world’s first advanced USB hard drive data recovery equipmentDFL-URE(DFL-USB Recovery Express) and this professional USB hdd recovery equipment will maximize users’ success rate on different kinds of patient USB hdds.

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