DFL-DDP Removes HDD Password And Recover Data From Bad Sectors


DFL-DDP usb3.0 data recovery equipment has become the most popular data recovery equipment for more and more serious data recovery companies. Recently many big data recovery companies have purchased this equipment for all their data recovery labs, they are purchasing 4 DDPs, 7DDPs and even 10 DDPs to use with their competitive data recovery services, they are taking advantages of the unique powers DDP brings to them-the highest speed and the innovative data recovery solutions.

Users can watch the video case study on Dolphin Data Lab Youtube Channel:
Password and Bad sectors recovery Video

Video text explanation:

  1. Let’s see what’re the symptoms of the patient disk first.
  2. We need to use one professional data recovery hardware;
  3. Power on the hdd, Wait until the hdd gets ready;
  4. Scan the hdd and see if we can access to the data area, Full bad sectors and cannot scan at all;
  5. Click the hdd info under menu functions, we can find in the logs part, the hdd is password  protected, this is why we cannot scan the hdd;
  6. next we need to remove the password and see;
  7. For seagate drive, we need to connect COM cable to transfer commands.
  8. Click F3 Remove Password, we can see there’re many functions for Seagate drives, these functions are used to handle the common failures of Seagate quickly;
  9. Very good, the hard drive can be scanned but the drive has many bad sectors.
  10. Let’s see if the DFL-DDP can get data back from this drive with a lot of bad sectors.
  11. Scan lost partitions forward and it doesn’t work and next scan lost partition reverse, the partitions are detected, save them.
  12. Fantastic! The DFL-DDP has listed all files and users can select the wanted files only and
  13. recover them.
  14. The case is closed and we can ask the client to pay for this case now.

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