ST500LT012 1SDM1 Data Encryption Data Recovery Steps


This is one successful Seagate hdd data recovery case study.The patient HDD was detected but the data area was not accessible.

ST500LT012 1SDM1 Data Encryption Data Recovery Steps Youtube Video

Patient HDD ID:
Model number-ST500LT012-1DG142
Family: Yarra_5400(75)
Capacity: 500GB
Firmware: 0001SDM1

With DFL Seagate hdd firmware repair tool, users can easily access to the firmware area, backup the rom and important firmware modules.

When trying to access the data area, all sectors were colored as purple and this meant the data area was encrypted.

The user tried some traditional methods and steps to repair the encryption issue but failed.

Next Dolphin engineer tried one unique firmware repair solution within DFL Seagate hdd repair tool-Remove Password 2(different from the standard password removal function).

Next the engineer powered off and on the patient drive, the data area was fully accessible.

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