Indonesia Want the most cheapest tools for data recovery

This is one new client from Indonesia who wants to buy cheapest data recovery tools.

“Dear DDL,
I am from Indonesia, need quotation/pricelist of this set:

>For one-person company, small companies who want to start a professional data recovery business but have limited budget, users are suggested to buy the following data recovery tools:

01: DFL Innovative Data Recovery Recharge System
02: Head and Platter Swap Pro.Standard
03: Level 1 head comb Suite
04: Level 2 head comb suite

Thank you,
Best Regards,

As for professional data recovery hardware tools, above set the client asked for has been the most cost-effective ones. All users should not consider only the price, the most important for data recovery field is the technique support and practice.

When users buy data recovery tools from Dolphin Data Lab, users get not only good prices, but also good technique support. Users will get many data recovery case studies, support documents, etc.

If users from Indonesia want to buy data recovery tools or head replacement tools, please email to or add Dolphin skype ID: