IT Professional from Republic of Congo Builds up a Data Recovery Business

The data recovery business in the whole Africa is still growing and most IT companies or data recovery companies are still using some traditional data recovery software and solutions and can only fix some simple data recovery cases.

But these engineers in Africa receive more and more data recovery cases they cannot fix with the exisiting data recovery software tools and now they wish to set up professional data recovery business with data recovery hardware solutions. Dolphin team are their best choice for this one.

The following is one IT professional from Republic of Congo who wish to build up their own data recovery business with Dolphin data recovery solutions.

I’m an IT professionnal with 10 years of experience and I recently setup a VSE entreprise of two guys. Since 6 years now, I’m increasingly asked from people and company’sfriends for help with data recovery issues. So I do expect to findfrom your company, the help and necessary tools to build up a Datarecovery business.
Looking forward to reading you.
Best Regards”

If other users from Republic of Congo or other African countries want to build up their own data recovery labs, please email to or add Dolphin Skype ID:

Dolphin team will offer the complete data recovery tools, documents, donor heads, donor PCB, firmware resources, etc all in one stop.