New Helpful Seagate Firmware Repair Function-Write LOD by COM

In the coming Seagate firmware repair software upgrade, Dolphin R&D engineers have prepared one new helpful function for all DFL users to write the LOD by COM mode.

To backup LOD and to write LOD in ATA mode was available in the existing Seagate firmware repair program and but there are many firmware corrupted cases with overlay failure and the patient HDD remains busy and cannot enter ATA mode.

So for busy patient HDDs with overlay failures, users can only write LOD by COM. Users need to make sure F3 T> is available and the drive is not SED locked. In many SED locked cases, users need to backup rom, generate unlock rom, write unlock rom, send unlock key and then write LOD by COM.

Dolphin team offer some LOD files for free to users for some HDD families with different head numbers. Dolphin team will upload to Dolphin user-only forums for users to download for free.

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