WD20EZRX-00D8PB0 Data Recovery Steps


This is one successful data recovery case done by DFL engineer today. The user is from India. He mentioned that the patient drive can spin up and no clicking noise. But it stays busy, unable to IDed, even cannot read ROM.


Patient drive: WD20EZRX-00D8PB0
PCB Number: 2060-771945-001

Capacity: 2TB     S/N: WD-WMC4M0F7ZN0T  

4 Platters / 8 heads

Reported symptoms

No access to ROM and firmware module, no ID information, drive stays busy in DFL device.


Following steps were performed for this case:

  1. Short connect: since the drive stays busy, we cannot read the ROM, user has to short connect the TV9 and TV10 on PCB. Release this operation once the drive get ready.
  2. Back up ROM and read firmware module: this is a simple but important step for all WD cases.
  3. Disable 02 module-Execute-firmware restart and then exit the current program interface
  4. Slow fix: go to common repair – slow fix. This is a very useful feature for WD drives. Many cases such as slow initialization, slow detection and slow reading can be fixed by using this function.
  5. Enable 02 module – firmware restart again
  6. Scan the drive: ID information and capacity were detected properly, the whole drive can be scanned smoothly.

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