More New WD Firmware are Uploaded to DFL Firmware Resources Center

With more and more firmware resources uploaded, our Resources Center is becoming more abundant and comprehensive for users to find their wanted firmware. Our constant efforts are only for the purpose of users’ convenience.

Western Digital is one of most top-rated hdd brands, so WD firmware resources are usually needed to many users. We are trying to offer more firmware resources for those universal hdds in present market, including WD 1672, 1698, 1692, 1820, 1823, 1852, 1960, 1945, 1959, etc.

The following are some of WD firmware resources uploaded this time:

2.5-Hubble LT-WDC WD3200LPVX-00V0TT0-0006000M-771959.7z
2.5-Hubble LT-WDC WD5000LPCX-24C6HT0-0006003T-771959.7z
2.5-Jamaica 4K-WDC WD3200BPVT-00ZEST0-0015003A-771672.7z
2.5-Jamaica-WDC WD1600BEVT-22A23T0-0013000B-771672-001.7z
3.5-Sadle G6-WDC WD20EARX-00PASB0-00270074-771698.7z
3.5-DIABLO3S-WDC WD20EZRX-00D8PB0-00010032-771945.7z
3.5-DIABLO3S-WDC WD20EZRX-00D8PB0-0001004Q-771945.7z
2.5-Hubble LT-WDC WD3200LPVX-00V0TT0-0006000M-771959.7z
2.5-Hubble LT-WDC WD5000LPCX-24C6HT0-0006003T-771959.7z
2.5-FBlite-WDC WD10JMVW-11AJGS2-0016006M-771961-771960.7z
2.5-Shrek LT 2.5-WDC WD10JMVW-11AJGS0-0005001C-771960.7z
2.5-Shrek LT 2.5-WDC WD10JMVW-11AJGS1_0006000M_771960.7z

Related series of firmware with different microcodes have been uploaded to the FTP firmware resource center.
As many new functions are added to our equipments for hdd refurbishing and data recovery, which means it will become more convenient and easier to repair firmware failure, we will constantly upload new firmware resources and regularly update our resource center for users’ satisfaction. Certainly those not included are welcome to be added in for your kindness.

Data recovery is of great importance to many people, just as the saying,” hard drive has its price, but data inside is priceless”. We are working hard to improve our skills and equipments to solve many practical problems for our users, and this youthful and hopeful business will attract more and more people who are interested in, which is also worthy of our constant efforts.

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