Dolphin Data Lab Released DFL-ST II HDD Firmware Repair Tool

Dolphin Data Lab has released its DFL-ST II hdd firware repair tool since October 24 and now this tool has been successfully shipped to professional data recovery engineers in USA,  Canada, Brazil, France, Norway, Australia, Chile, Hongkong, etc.

Like what we have done for our famous DFL-WDII, we are creating more and more video instructions and upload to DFL-STII user-only forum and users can watch these videos and start to use them.

Dolphin Data Lab keeps testing this Seagate hdd firmware repair tool and adding more new functions both for hdd repair and data recovery, however, we will focus on data recovery functions.

Right now we are offering one great opportunity to those who are purchasing this tool in the first month since our release. all users within this month get free shipping services by DHL express which is super fast taking 3 days only for product arrival.

If users have any questions on DFL data recovery tools or this new hdd firmware repair tool, please email to