Dolphin Data Lab has started to ship DFL-FRP (Firmware Repair Plus) worldwide to replace the DFL-WDII box and DFL-STII box. Users who are going to  buy DFL-WD II will get DFL-FRP with WD firmware repair module included; Users who are going to buy DFL-ST II will get DFL-FRP with Seagate firmware repair module included. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has had a quick fix to one small compatibility issue of the common COM command list  and now users with this new version will easily check the common commands and use them easily by simple clicks.

Users no longer need to input those commands manually and save a lot of time on this one.

Dolphin Data Lab has released this new version of 1.13 and users can download from DFL-ST II user only forum: Read more

After Dolphin Data Lab released the 2013 new Seagate hdd firmware repair tool-DFL-ST II, we have uploaded many video instructions for our users to watch and follow to use the tools.

Besides these video instructions, Dolphin Data Lab completed the new manual section II for users to use DFL-ST II with a greater success.

1.0 Support Contacts And Methods
2.0 General Diagnosing Principles
3.0 General Important facts on Seagate hard drives
3.1, ATA Mode And COM Mode
3.2, Seagate module checking
3.3, Key Modules of 7200.10 and Before; Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has released its DFL-ST II hdd firware repair tool since October 24 and now this tool has been successfully shipped to professional data recovery engineers in USA,  Canada, Brazil, France, Norway, Australia, Chile, Hongkong, etc.

Like what we have done for our famous DFL-WDII, we are creating more and more video instructions and upload to DFL-STII user-only forum and users can watch these videos and start to use them. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of data recovery tools and hdd repair tools and we began data recovery business from data recovery services by using different data recovery tools and our own DIY data recovery solutions and until recent two years, we planned to develop our own commercial data recovery tools  and have them available to the international market. Read more