New DFL User from Palestine Requiring Data Recovery Course

This is one typical DFL client from Palestine who is interested in Dolphin data recovery training courses.


I’m interested in data recovery course

I live in gaza Palestine

Can I take this course  ?

How much does it cost for full course ?

The course will be online or you will send us the material ?”

Dolphin team has got many similar clients like above and has offered many data recovery training courses to clients worldwide.

Some of these clients want to set up new data recovery business and wish to learn how to start a data recovery business, how to fix logical recovery cases, how to fix firmware corrupted cases, how to recover physically damaged hdds, etc.

Some of these clients want to expand and grow their data recovery capabilities and want to learn new data recovery technologies for new hard drives and new cases.

Dolphin Data Lab offers just-for-you data recovery training courses and will customize the training contents for different levels of users.

If users want to attend Dolphin data recovery training course, users can send email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: