Seagate ST2000DM006 Data Recovery Steps


This is another successful data recovery case study on Seagate ST2000DM006 patient HDD and with the help of Dolphin remote system, the user had perfectly recovered all lost data.

The patient HDD was well detected but when trying to access to the data area, the data area was fully locked.

As for ST2000DM006, if we power on the patient HDD and check the COM terminal and try to input command after the F3 T> such as CTRL+L and users can see ‘Diagnostic Port Locked’ and this means the firmware area is locked and users cannot repair the damaged firmware modules directly.

So next the user needs to unlock the COM terminal and unlock the firmware area.

The following is one detailed video on how to use DFL Seagate firmware repair tool to fix the firmware corruption and get lost data back:

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