New Dolphin CCTV DVR Data Recovery Pro. Version 2.17 is Available


Dolphin Data Lab has worked out more new CCTV DVR data recovery solutions and has released the latest CCTV DVR data recovery software version 2.17 and Dolphin DVR users are able to download them in the user-only forum.

What’s new in Dolphin CCTV DVR Recovery Pro. V2.17?

1, Dolphin team has greatly improved the CCTV DVR system recognition capability by the video streams, DVR file structures, etc and the Dolphin DVR program is able to automatically detect the existing DVR systems stored in the CCTV DVR drives or SD cards. In some cases, in the same DVR CCTV drive, there may be multiple DVR systems and Dolphin tool can list them all by different level-from Level 1 to Level 5(I, II, III, IV, V), the program select the highest level as default;

2, One new DVR system is added-Tamron DVR System and until now there’re totally 71 DVR systems supported by Dolphin DVR CCTV data recovery pro.;

3, Add DVR CCTV video scanning and export real-time status;

4, Users can easily set the wanted year period to scan the wanted DVR CCTV videos;

5, Users can easily set the LBA range to scan and extract the DVR videos;

6, Dolphin DVR trial version has been updated simultaneously and the video preview mode has been updated too.

Dolphin team are releasing more new CCTV DVR data recovery solutions in the near future and new upgrade for Dolphin free professional CCTV DVR video player will be also available.

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