New Indian 2TB 800067 WD Mypassport wd20sdzw-11z3cs0 Recovery Case


This is one easy to fix data recovery case from one Indian user. This is one WD Mypassport 2TB patient HDD and the model number is wd20sdzw-11z3cs0 and the PCB number is 2060-800067-001 rev p1.

This WD USB hard drive has one partition lost and the client wants to recover the lost videos and photos but when connecting this USB drive to pc, the drive is not detected and the pc gets stuck there.

The user has only DFL-URE for data recovery. The user connected the patient HDD to DFL_URE and the drive was detected but the wanted partition couldn’t be listed automatically because there’re bad sectors in the front LBAs of data area.

Next the user scanned the lost partition reversely and found the correct partition.

After further LBA read test, users found there’re many bad sectors, if extracting the files directly, it will be very slow and get stuck somewhere on the bad sectors. This operation sometimes cause further damage on the heads.

By Dolphin remote system, the engineer suggested the user swap with unlock SATA PCB of 800065, unlock the SA and then set up head map to image by selective heads and image backward from the ending part to front part. This is the most secured operation to protect the patient HDD and recover lost data.

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