Dolphin Data Lab Current Working Status

Here in China, the Coronavirus has been properly controlled and people start to work normally. Dolphin head office has been working normally for over one month and Dolphin team are working hard to improve the existing data recovery tools and add new data recovery solutions.

Dolphin team kindly suggest all users wear face masks and avoid being infected by the coronavirus. Dolphin team wish you all the best!

Dolphin team never stop to support Dolphin users worldwide and the following new data recovery solutions will be available in a short time:

1, DDP software improvement;
2, WD firmware repair software upgrade;
3, Seagate F3 hot swap functions added;
4, Seagate loading translator to ram added;
5, Seagate LED fix solution added;
6, More new Seagate HDD unlock support is added;
7, Write LOD by COM port added for Seagate;
8, Many more…

Besides, Dolphin team are working on SSD data recovery solutions too and will release one software addon to work with the existing data recovery hardware such as the DFL-SRP or DFL PCIe, users need to pay to add this SSD recovery ability.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: