Clients from Rhodes Greece Buy DFL Super Data Recovery Equipment

Hello, I am interested for DFL-SRP All-In-One USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment. Please send me the price and trasportation cost to Rhodes -Greece.

Does the package contain the requaried software for data recovery? What cases of damaged disks can recover? Is there any instruction video for the recovery procedure? 

Besides, We are very interested in buying your data recovery recharge solution. We want also 200 prepaid hours to start with. Where is the product shipped from? Is there any way to be shipped from Europian Union? The reason is that we want to avoid the case of charging us any custom fees.

This client from Greece had finally gone with the DFL PCIe data recovery recharge system with 200 hours added. The hours are used when cases come in, very cost-effective for the user. When users cannot fix the cases, users can apply for remote support and Dolphin engineers access to users’ pc and fix the cases for them. Limited hours but high data recovery success rate.

Dolphin team usually ship to Greece by EMS or DHL. Usually, EMS is suggested for greece clients for easier custom clearing.

If other engineers from Greece are interested in professional data recovery tools and solutions, please email to or add Dolphin skype ID: