Seagate F3 Head Swap Becomes Easier with DFL Seagate HDD Repair Tool


Seagate F3 hard drive head swap is one very difficult data recovery case for many data recovery engineers, the most difficult part is how to find the donor heads to swap.

With the new software upgrade, users can easily find out the preamp type which is very important to Seagate F3 head swap success rate.For Seagate F3 hard drives, if users can enter F3 T> in the terminal and users can use CTRL+L to easily get the Preamp Type info, for example information like below:

How about if the patient hard drive has clicking noises, the heads are damaged, motor got stuck or even the platters are scratched or when it is not possible to enter F3 T> and not possible to use CTRL+L, users cannot easily get the preamp type info? At this time, some users open hard drives, move heads out and check the head ID number and compare with donor head ID by opening the donor drive, this one is possible but the risk of losing both drives is high.

In order to get the PreampType more easily and protect both the patient and donor drive, Dolphin team has developped one new function to display the PreampType info automatically only if the original PCB is good. Users can go to the DFL Seagate firmware repair program, go to Menu ROM Operations>ROM Edit>Open File to load the ROM file, users can easily read the ROM from the PCB. After users load the ROM, users can simply click head map and then users will find the PreampType info as below:

This way, users can easily find one donor F3 hard drive to swap heads with the same PreampType parameters with high success rate. There’re also some other tips available in the HDD Head Swap Donor e-Book for different hard drive heads.

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