Seagate HDD ST3000DM001 Data Recovery Tips


To recover lost data from Seagate HDD ST3000DM001, users need to diagnose the patient hard drives to make sure there’s no physical damage in the PCB, heads or platters.

Next users need to use DFL Seagate firmware repair tool to dignose the ST3000DM001 patient HDD further to see if the firmware modules are corrupted or not by checking the COM terminal reported messages and users can test by the SYS read and write.

As for ST3000DM001 hard drives, there’re two types:

SA unlocked or SA locked by SED.
Users can simply go to COM terminal and enter F3 T> and then use CTRL+L and see if it is locked or not.

Sometimes users can see simple messages only and cannot run any commands and no message text of lock and this can be SA lock too. Users need to generate unlock rom, write unlock rom, power off and on and then send unlock key to unlock the SA.

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