Seagate Mobile HDD Rosewood Family Data Recovery Solution

Seagate mobile hdd data recovery solution is available for Dolphin users worldwide. More and more users received this kind of cases and need some new firmware repair technologies and some new head swap tools to fix the failure and get lost data back.

The most common mobile hdds we receive are the ST1000LM035 and ST2000LM007 and if such kind of mobile hdds suffer data loss, it’s not easy to get lost data back until users have the necessary tools and knowledge tips.

For slow or bad sector issue, users can often use the DFL DDP data recovery program to extract the files directly or image the hard drive and then extract the files from the target drive.

For firmware failure such as capacity 0 issue, not detected issue, etc, users need to use DFL Seagate firmware repair program to read and write ROM and unlock the hard drives first, need to read and write firmware modules and system files and then use DFL DDP data recovery equipment to extract the lost files or image the patient hard drives;

For physical head damage with clicking noises, this is very common case now. Users need to use the Seagate LM Slim head comb suite to swap the heads first and then use DFL Seagate firmware repair program to unlock the hard drive and fix firmware failures if there’re and then extract the files or image the patient drive using DFL DDP data recovery tool.

Dolphin users can get the new software upgrade for free from Dolphin user-only forum or email to to get the latest software. Remember all users get the software upgrade for free for the first three years.